"Mr. Cooper is very professional, attentive, and accessible. With that being said, his photographs are beyond exceptional. Our recent pictures taken at the beach exceeded any expectations I had. I cannot wait to see several of them on canvas hanging in our home. I would highly recommend his services, as we plan to have additional photographs made later this year when in area with more family members! Hands down, he is the best!!"

- Jamie Givens

"Robert S. Cooper captured a supremely joyful time in our families life, with lasting memories through strategic and detailed photos. It was a pleasure to do not one but two photo shoots with him, as we all moved to the beat of his intentional directives. In the brief hour each time my family and I established a great camera relationship, in a way we never may have been comfortable previously. Everyone has a favorite side or favorite look, well Robert takes you out of your element and before long you're standing and looking opposite of your familiar place and stance. And trust me as you age you become set on what works:). Thank you for allowing us to never forget what time spent means, and accommodating our requests."

- J. Webb

"What a fabulous time at Forsyth Park with a guy who really knew how to make us comfortable and be ourselves, and capture pictures that reflected us and our personalities. We want to print a series of 4 of our favorite pictures and frame those together, but we can't narrow it down any further than 53!! It is shocking, because in 30 years I have only had one other picture of me that I liked. Now I'm flooded with them!! What a wonderful record of us for our children and grands. Robert Cooper you are the best!!"

- Tim & Nancy

"I worked with Robert in secrecy to plan a surprise engagement in Forsyth park Savannah. It was difficult as I had never been to Savannah before and wanted everything to go smoothly. we were in contact a few months before, and close to the date we confirmed the details, he was helpful with suggestions of a location. I told him a time and exact date hoping he would be able to be there, and he was right on time. We pulled it off perfectly and i cannot thank Robert enough. After the big moment he took amazing photos which we will cherish forever. I am not a person who likes photos but I must admit Robert really pulled them off. I would never hesitate to use his services again and hope to be able to work with him on the big day."

- Michael Forsythe